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Shotpack is a special sniper’s backpack and has been created to transport all soldier’s personal equipment and a sniper rifle comfortably. The backpack has an ability to adjust dimensions depending on the nature of the transporting weapon. Opening front provides an additional access to the inside part through a U-zipper.

Components of the Shotpack:
• two long pockets on the sides – 10 liters each,
• one special side pocket covered with 10 mm foam to transport optical instruments safely,
• additional internal pocket and compartment for hydration system,
• double bottom pocket for backpack rain cover,
• front pocket for a helmet holder,
• space between the backpack and the carrying system allows you to attach a sniper rifle, sniper rifle cover, boxes or containers, radio backpacks, hydration system, etc.
• removable belt with PALS panels.

The backpack’s design allows you to adjust all parts to individual requirements.

Backpack can be used in following options:
• independent backpack,
• separate rifle bag,
• backpack to carry sniper rifle,
• backpack to carry bulky items (boxes, containers, etc.),
• backpack to carry a radio.
Supporting system is PALS compatible which means that, after disconnecting from the backpack, can be used with any PALS compatible inventory (most of the tactical equipment in the world).

Weapon bag provides:
• extending possibility in a range from 120cm to 145cm,
• mat under shooter’s arms (110cm / 70cm),
• weapon stabilization inside the cover,
• weapon protection (10mm foam),
• possibility of attaching weapon bag to a backpack, weapon bag hanging on the harness, weapon bag to carry in hands,
• comfortable transport in any configuration (regardless of length),
• fastening straps, handles and grips bearing on any heights.

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