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recoilless rifle carrier bag wisport canada

The CARL GUSTAF rucksack consists of:

transport backpack with removable carrier system enabling various configurations
supporting system for the CARL GUSTAF recoilless rifle made of high density EVA foam, cut to hold the grenade launcher stably
cordura cover filled with foam with straps (PALS system), enabling fixing to the supporting system
stabilizing girders with quick-release clamps
pockets for 84mm caliber ammunition filled with 10mm thick foam
2 long pockets
3 short pockets (zippered)
short pockets with the possibility of connecting with zippers to form one panel
site cover filled with foam
cover for outlet nozzle filled with foam
basket fastened with tapes in the PALS system to the carrying system filled with foam protecting the lower part of the grenade launcher
rain cover
helmet fixing system for the backpack

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